Preservers of life’s most beautiful moments through whimsy and fine art photography.

You hold each other as tightly as possible, as if you only had a few moments left - you look into each other’s eyes and you feel it. That moment of pure happiness, of peace.

And in that split second, nothing else matters.

You are the only two people in the universe, registering a moment in your minds and in your hearts that will leave an imprint for the rest of your lives.

That, my friends, is magic.

Once Upon a Time...

sweet words from past clients


Vanessa is not only an amazing wedding photographer; my husband and I both wholeheartedly agree she is one of the best people we now know in this world. She’s genuine, sincere, thoughtful, so so so kind and patient, and passionate about her work and clients.

+  lois & ryo +

If you’re looking for a photographer, Vanessa is IT!. She is kind, professional, so sweet and makes you feel incredibly comfortable. It was a total dream to work with her and I will forever cherish the engagement photos she’s taken. 


I love the natural and "dreamy" feel she captures with her photos and our Engagement/Wedding day photos did not disappoint! On our wedding day, Vanessa was truly the captain of our day. Leading us along the schedule and made sure she captured everything!

+  kristina & DAVID  +