Janet + Allan | Misty Sunrise Engagement Session at Malaga Cove | Palos Verdes, CA

Hi there friends!

I am prepped for this weekends wedding but before I start driving out, I wanted to share this sunrise engagement session with you. I’m so thrilled to have met Janet and Allan and to have photographed this special time in their lives. We started our session at an outlook in Palos Verdes and ended by Malaga Cove Plaza…

I loved their snuggles, giggles and blissful moments. They brought the sunshine to our misty sunrise session. Their story below!

Tell me about the two of you! How did you meet? What do you love to do together? What do you love most about each other?

We met while waiting in line to get boba! During our hour long conversation in the parking lot, we found out that we went to undergrad (UGA) together, had many mutual friends, and worked at the same campus catering event!

We enjoy each other’s company very much! We often are silly together and make each other laugh a lot. I love that Allan never gives up on us and shows that he cares even when we have arguments.


What is your proposal story?

My girlfriend Christine asked me to go hiking again with our significant others. Turns out Allan had asked her to ask me to go hiking. My friend’s husband couldn’t come, but she still showed up and we got to the top of Stone Mountain. Allan kept wanting to look for a rock we sat on during one of our first dates and I told him it probably rolled away. HAHA Once he found a rock to sit on, he asked me to join, but I didn’t want my friend to feel left out, so I asked her to join. Once she started walking away, I asked Allan, “Why are you making her feel like a third wheel?!” Then he started telling me about how our relationship has been going well and the next thing I knew, he was down on his knee asking me to marry him! I pretty much cried like a baby, but made sure he got the blessing from the parents! Turns out my friend was taking photos and videos and even brought a dress to change into!

Why did you choose your engagement location and what do you love about it?

We are relocating from Atlanta, GA to Glendale, CA. We wanted to take photos that showed our transition to a new place and adventures. We wanted to incorporate the beautiful beaches and buildings with flowers. We feel that the outlook represents the beautiful unknown and adventures to come. We’ve seen Vanessa’s photos from the plaza, and it was simply gorgeous and timeless.

What is your most valuable piece of advice you can share with future couples planning their engagement session?

Plan your outfits in advance. Don’t go shopping a day before! Plan ahead where you are going to eat afterwards because you will be starving!

What is your favorite thing about being engaged?

Getting to know each other. We have had a lot of changes, from moving across the country to planning a wedding in 4 months. We are learning a lot about how each other works while making big and small decisions. I also appreciate knowing that we are in this together for the long haul.

Congrats Janet and Allan!





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