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SURPRISE! I partnered with Sarah from Kindred Weddings and Events to bring you a special guest blog post! Sarah is a wealth of knowledge, and small gatherings/”micro weddings” (you will hear that A LOT!) are her jam. Check out Sarah’s insights below and comment if you have a question or something to add to the […]


I know it is incredibly difficult for couples planning their wedding right now; many have shifted their plans a few times and some can no longer use their original venue due to the pandemic. I have a bride who recently asked me for private home, or smaller-sized venue recommendations since hers has shut down. I […]


Hello lovelies, My name is Vanessa and I’d love to photograph your L-O-V-E! (No really, I would.) Sounds cheesy – I know. But for the last two years I’ve been interning and working for Sun and Sparrow Photography and have only grown in admiration for this industry. I actually booked them for my wedding photography […]

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