Amy + Enmanuel | Joyful Spring Engagement Session at San Juan Capistrano Mission | San Diego, CA

I couldn’t have asked for a better evening with Amy and Enmanuel. Not only are these two sweethearts so fun to hang out with, they are also naturally romantic and cuddly… it was such a treat capturing their love and admiration for each other. Enmanuel knows exactly what to do to make Amy smile, and it is clear that he adores her – Amy is such a caring and kind person. I’m truly honored to be documenting their love story and am thrilled that we photographed their engagement session at San Juan Capistrano Mission during Spring, it was so colorful! We also received the most beautiful engagement bouquet from Wild and Behold Florals, what a treat!!

We ended their session at a nearby beach, right as that sun peaked behind the cliff’s. It was magic!! Take a look at their session below ~

How did you meet?

We met at a mutual friend’s birthday party! I did not know anyone there besides the birthday girl, and actually, my roommate at the time forced me to go! Lol. He was charming and talked with me that day, and made me feel more comfortable. I left early, so after that day, he requested me on Instagram (modern love), and then we soon started talking to each other on Snapchat. We were just wholly ourselves and kept in touch almost every day. It was about 6-7 months later that we went on our first date to Pho! We celebrate “Pho Day” every year now on February 4th.

What is your proposal story?

We had planned a trip to Paris and Rome of November 2018 as just another vacation, or at least in my mind. I was so excited as Paris was #1 on my travel list and I could not wait to see the Eiffel Tower and experience the culture. As we got closer to the trip in May 2019 I was hoping an engagement would happen soon, but he was really great at never giving it away.

We boarded our flight to Paris and I had all the jitters of the “what ifs!?” but still wanted to have fun either way. We had a romantic dinner cruise on the 2nd day of our trip so I promised I would try to chill until then. SO, the first day we arrived we were exhausted. He drew me a bath so we could get ready for our Eiffel Tower tour that night. Later I found out he drew the bath so he knew I wouldn’t move for a while and he could figure out how to hide the ring!! Lol. I was prepared to look cute every day (in case), and he got dressed in jeans and sneakers and was just so casual, not nervous or anything. In my mind, definitely not happening today – I can relax. We strolled through Paris, stopped and got coffee took photos and started our tour. There were two security checkpoints, which made him sweat since he had to empty his pockets! but I was oblivious. We did the tour then waited in line to go to the highest viewpoint of the tower. It was cold, and he wrapped me in his jacket (never felt the ring box!), and we had a great time taking so many photos. We get in the elevator, I video the whole time (so awesome to look at now!) and when we get to the top he offers to get us champagne! I thought “cute!” and started taking selfies. We walked to the South corner of the tower and just started looking out. Until he said, “Can you see where that river ends!?” I thought, such weird a question, but I’m going to look like my life depends on it. At that moment I was so hopeful I would turn around and this would be it!! And so I did, and he was on one knee with a beautiful ring in his hand!! I instantly sobbed and said “Right here!!” and he shared a few sweet words and then said, “Will you Marry Me?” I could not say YESS fast enough!! We cried and laughed and Facetimed our family right from our proposal spot afterward. It was beautiful and magical and I have to give him props for catching me off guard when I was even looking for clues!

Congrats again Amy & Enmanuel, I cannot wait for your wedding at Hartley Botanica!!



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