Brooke + Nathan | Dreamy Engagement | Arboretum & Botanic Gardens, Arcadia, Ca

How did I get this lucky?? My clients are absolutely amazing!!

I first met Brooke over coffee, I immediately LOVED HER. She’s the kind of gal you just want to be friends with. We chatted about how she met Nathan, her engagement and her hunt for the perfect venue. And – even though they hadn’t settled on a date or location,  she assured me that once they did – they’d contact me for their photos. (Music to my ears!)

Fast-forwad to their engagement session and these two could not be more perfect. They worked with me on a very hot (100 degree??) day at the L.A. Arboretum and Gardens and made it look effortless.

Congrats Brooke and Nathan, I cannot wait for your wedding next year!!

Words from Brooke below ~

How did you meet?

Nathan and I met when I started working at our local BMW dealership. We HATED each other for the first few months, and then one night we decided to go out for drinks to try and “bury the hatchet”… we have been inseparable since.

What is your proposal story?

Last September Nath said we should go to the Santa Barbara Botanical Gardens with our best friends for a nice day out. He made it sound so low key! Like let’s just go hangout and then get lunch.. no biggie!
We were walking through the gardens and at one big boulder our friends stopped to take a picture, and Nathan told me we should get one too. So we are both posing and then he asks me “hey what is that thing over there??” , I turn around and he has a hide-a-key that looks like a rock in his hands! I start telling him how random that is out here, and that we should give it to the front office. He tells me to wait he wants to see what’s inside! So he opens the hide-a-key to reveal my engagement ring and gets down on his knee, and of course I said yes!

I love the love that we have right now, the love we are getting from our family and friends. Everyone is so excited for us, and we are so excited to share this with everyone!

Why did you choose your engagement location and what do you love about it?

We wanted to go with the Arboretum because it resembles the Gardens where we got engaged, and because it’s just a beautiful location! We are pretty simple people, and myself I am a nature lover, so it seems like a great low-key but fun place for the photo shoot.

You’re not going to remember half of this once the wedding is all over with, so don’t waste your time sweating the small stuff and stressing out. Just relax, and have fun with it! Things WILL go wrong, that’s just life, it’s how you handle it that determines the mood of the experience.








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