Christina + Joel Whimsical Engagement at Universal Studios, Hollywood, Ca

I am beyond excited to share this engagement story with you all!! Christina and Joel are truly sweet and fun to hang out with. We had the very best time exploring Universal Studios together! Take a peek at their story below…

How did you meet?

Joel’s Story: My friends and I organize regular game nights, and my brother’s girlfriend (now wife) had been spending enough time with us to begin bringing friends along as well. One of our game nights, she brought Christina along. We hit it off and started spending more time together. After a few months I worked up the courage to ask her out and the rest is history!

Christina’s Story (the real story): When my good friend from school had starting dating her now husband, she mentioned to me that he had a twin brother. She offered to set us up and I was all for it, but we decided that Joel wouldn’t know about it since he was not interested in dating. So with that in mind, she and her husband arranged game nights and hangouts that allowed Joel and I to spend more time together in a group setting. About 4 months later, I finally got asked out and about 2 years later Joel finally learns we were set up. :-p

What is your proposal story?

From the get-go I knew I wanted to propose in Christina’s parents’ house (the home she grew up in), roughly 2 hours away. My idea was simple — she’d be met in the driveway by a string of lights, leading her through the house past a handful of framed quotes, to the backyard where I’d be waiting.

Unfortunately for me, she is VERY perceptive, and I knew it’d take a lot of effort just to get her there unknowingly. I had to fake a visit with my Dad (in the same area) and get a couple of her friends to “coincidentally” make plans with her so she’d have to meet up with me later, arriving on her own. Not to mention, other family had flown into town to add to the surprise — lots of people conspiring, and me being hopeful that no one would spill the beans!

All the pieces were in place, just in time for Christina to get quite sick the day of the proposal. Normally I’d suggest she stay home and rest, but I had to be uncharacteristically adamant that she go see her friends (haha). Thankfully, she felt better over the course of the day, and made it to her parents’ place afterward safe and sound. I got to surprise her like I had hoped, both with the proposal and the presence of both our families! Whew!


Why did you choose your proposal location and what do you love about it?

Her parents’ home was her childhood home. I loved the idea of proposing in the house that she grew up in. Plus, it was awesome to include our families in the surprise!

What is your most valuable piece of advice you can share with future couples planning their engagement session? 

Make sure to have your outfits and props ready the day before. And make sure to pick a location you feel comfortable being yourself in.

What is your favorite thing about being engaged?

It is a gift to know someone is looking forward to committing their life to you and to have the chance to do the same for them. Also, It is fun to introduce each other to others as your fiance/fiancee!

Congrats again to you both!! I can’t wait for your wedding day next year!




p.s. Thanks for introducing me “The Good Place” – I’m forever a fan now! SO forking good!!

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