Miryam + Edwin | Dreamy Oak Canyon Nature Center Engagement, Anaheim, Ca

I am so excited to share my cousin’s engagement session. He and Miryam are simply perfect for each other, and it was truly a gift spending this time with them – getting to know them a bit better, and watching both of their faces light up during the silly sweet moments. Take a look below at their day!!

How did you meet?

Miryam / We met almost 9 years ago at an ice skating rink. He was there with a friend to watch Ivan(his brother) and I was there with my mom to watch my sister. (Broom ball game) I knew the guy he was with through a speech class I took at mt.sac. This wasn’t the first event we were both at with our siblings were at, considering they had known each other since elementary school but it was the first time our paths crossed.

What is your proposal story?

Miryam / Well he lied and told me he was going to work. And him and my best friend had been scheming. He sent me on a scavenger hunt each location making an important event or memory in our relationship. From the place we met to Laguna beach, the first time he told me he thought about kids and that that may include me. A highlight for me in our relationship. Each location had a box waiting for me with a hand written letter, a gift, a Polaroid of the next location and a few puzzle pieces that would ultimately reveal the Laguna beach location. When I arrived there were dozens of pictures of us throughout our relationship, my favorite song playing in the background and hundreds of rose pedals leading me straight to him. Sitting on a bench overlooking the ocean was my favorite person. It wasn’t until I started walking down to the bench that I realized THIS would be the moment I waited all those years for. I guess it’s important to mention that I never thought about getting married that I never wanted to. It wasn’t until I wanted to marry Edwin that I figured out what marriage and a commitment like that was really all about.

What did you love most about your engagement session?

Miryam / How painfully embarrassed and nervous i was and how Edwin made sure I had a smile on my face regardless of that. Always knows exactly what to say to make me smile. As lame and cliche as that sounds.

Edwin / Seeing Miryam’s smile throughout the session. And how she would hold me closer as she would progressively get more and more nervous lol.

What is your most valuable piece of advice you can share with future couples planning their engagement session? 

– don’t try to be fancy just make it YOU
– do your nails. Fresh set.
– be honest about your insecurities so they can be taken into account when pics are being taken, chosen, edited etc.
– go with the flow. things may feel cheesy in the moment but many times it will come across as natural in the end images

What is your favorite thing about being engaged?

Miryam / Showing off my ring duh.
No, honestly just counting down the days till our wedding. It’s a short engagement so I’m lucky.. I get to have all the excitement at once.

Edwin / Seeing Miryam’s face light up whenever she gets the chance to talk about the proposal or the wedding lol.

Congrats you two! Can’t wait for your wedding day!!




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