Eddie + Crystal | Sweet and Romantic Engagement at Regale Winery & Vineyards | Los Gatos, CA

Traveling for engagement sessions has been a treat this year, I was thrilled to meet Eddie and Chrystal at Regale Winery and Vineyards in Los Gatos, CA a few weeks back. Not only is this location BEAUTIFUL, it is truly special to them both as they are now members, and a perfect place for them to return to for many more years!

Eddie and Chrystal were referred to me by previous XO and Fetti clients. I always love referrals because I know 100% that we are a great match. I am so thrilled to be working with these two; I love their joy, their laughter and their quirky sense of humor!! Their proposal story is so sweet, it is so very telling of their relationship – and I couldn’t help but smile thinking of it! Check out their story and photos below!

Why did you choose your engagement location and what do you love about it?

We love drinking wine and visiting different wineries. We always make many short trips a year to go visit wineries all over California.

What is your proposal story?

So I didn’t get a proper proposal. But it happened when we went on a trip to Texas. I came down with a cold on the second day of our trip. So while I was sick in bed and sleeping, he came by and tried to surprise me by placing the engagement ring on a bedside table next to my glasses. Since I was blind as a bat… I didn’t even notice it. So he came by again and placed it in my hand. I thought he was just putting his own thumb ring in my hand since he always joke around that he would just give me his ring as an engagement ring. So I threw the ring back at him. He asked me, “Are you sure you don’t want it?” I was confused at his question, so I took a close look at the ring and realized that it was an engagement ring. He wanted me to have energy to get out of bed by giving me the ring so we could go out instead of staying inside.

After the winery, we drove to a nearby spot for some additional photos before my flight back to Los Angeles. I was pleasantly surprised by this location and am so happy Eddie and Crystal were up for the adventure!! Crystal was in heels and managed to hike down for photos by this lake!! BRAVO!

What is your favorite thing about being engaged?

My favorite thing about being engaged is wearing my pretty ring. I can’t stop staring at it. And to call each other fiance. Even though we it’s hard to remember to call each other fiance or we catch ourselves still saying boyfriend or girlfriend.

Congrats Eddie & Chrystal, I’m thrilled to be your wedding photographer and cannot wait to document your day next year!!



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