Heidi + Mike | Dreamy Pastel Engagement Session | L.A. Arboretum, Arcadia, CA

I am so excited to share this engagement session today!! Heidi and Mike are so sweet and I very much enjoyed getting to know them both during their session (and their fur baby – “Honey”), I’m beyond thrilled and honored to be their engagement and wedding photographer, especially during this season. (Thanks guys!) Take a peek at their story and session below…

How did you meet? 

We met through our best friends. My best friend from high school, Jessica, wanted to introduce her husband’s best friend to me. She said we had a lot in common. She definitely told me more about Mike but somehow I only remember 3 key things. He’s a dog lover, he’s nice and decent height. LOL So we went out on a double date to a restaurant called Public School 818. When I first met Mike I thought he was really friendly off the bat. This is a characteristic of Mike I most love now. He came in for a hug and said he has heard a lot about me. I’m sure Jessica told him about me. I said, I’ve heard a lot about him and then glanced at Jessica. We had a fun dinner and at the end of the night Mike decided to make a move and ask for number so we can keep getting to know each other. One thing led to another and now we are engaged! Until this day Jessica reminds me of our very first date anniversary. Thank you Jess!!

What is your proposal story?

We had just moved in together and I was excited about going on a hike now that the weather was getting a little warmer. Mike suggested we go hike to the Wisdom Tree. I told him, Nahhhhhh, I’ve been there lots of times. Maybe we can explore Santa Clarita.” Mike insisted on going to the wisdom tree and I pretty much gave him a hard time. LOL So he told me, “He had a DREAM!!!” The dream was something about coming to visit again. So he felt drawn to go and that it might be a sign of prosperity. I said okayyyyyyyyyy……..we can go. He’s not very good at lying to me so I felt something was off. So a little back story on the Wisdom Tree. It is the only tree to survive the 2007 Barham fire and a source of inspiration thousands, sits atop Burbank Peak, the highest peak at the end of Griffith Park. It’s a challenging hike up to the top. Everyone is encouraging along the way and tell you, “You’re almost there!” Once you get to the tree there is nothing but good vibes and sweeping views of Burbank, all of the valley, Hollywood, DTLA to the beach. It’s breathtaking!!! The best part is that people leave behind chests of books and letters of wisdom or wishes that you can read while you are up there. On the day Mike proposed he looked at me and said today is a special day because he came to day to ask me if I would…. I noticed his friends and Jessica come up like paparazzi. I was like, “Wait, I know them???” Then I look back to Mike and he is one knee asking me “Will you marry me” Of course I said “YESSSS!!!!!” and that “I knew it!!!!” We took some photos and I wrote in a book next to a quote that today we got engaged and marked the date. I intend to go every year and share our advice as our marriage grows.

Why did you choose your engagement location and what do you love about it?

Mike knows I enjoy hiking very much. It is essentially my happy place. I love sharing hikes with Mike because I feel like we get this moment of uninterrupted time together in nature away from tv, cell phones, theaters etc. We have some our best and most honest conversations on these walks/hikes. The Wisdom Tree hike in particular is a challenging hike up the hill. You have to encourage each other all the way to make it to the top. You really feel like you have completed a goal together once you make it up, breathe in the air and wowww at the views. That has inspiration to me to plan the wedding. I feel like a tree has a lot of meaning relative to our marriage. It means rooted wisdom and strength.

What is your most valuable piece of advice you can share with future couples planning their engagement session?

It’s all about trust. Trust the process. Trust your photographer will guide you. Good vibes from your photographer is sooo important to make you feel comfortable. The more relaxed you are the more natural your photos will look. An engagement session is also the first time you are practicing your best pose before the wedding. It is the time to practice with your partner and let your photographer guide you. So once you get to your wedding day is here you will remember exactly what to do to get the best photos.

What is your favorite thing about being engaged?

We are learning how to work together as partners. Mike has been very supportive and involved through the wedding planning process. We are setting goals together and making it happen. Meeting with every vendor and sharing our story really puts into perspective the things we love about each other and why we definitely want to marry each other. Being engaged means a lot to us because I know we are building a foundational marriage.

Congrats again on your engagement Heidi and Mike, can’t wait for your wedding day!!



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