Kaci + Nayeli | Adventurous and Romantic Engagement Session at Mt. Baldy | Los Angeles Forest, CA

I’m thrilled to be sharing this engagement session with ya’ll today! I love adventurous engagement sessions – especially when paired with elegant attire and romantic moments (like a champagne pop!)…this one, however, was extra special since it included my cousin’s oldest daughter – Nayeli! Check out their beautiful love story and dreamy session below!

How did you two meet?

We met in middle school while riding the bus home after school. One day he approached shy little me and it was history! I was the one who asked for his number through myspace.


What is your proposal story?

Pre-COVID, we made plans for me to go to Louisiana to visit him and go with him to a ball that his law program was having in March. The ball was canceled and COVID was getting intense, but I still decided to go through with my flight anyways while taking precautions. I am so glad I did because I finally got what I had been waiting for! He said he had a date planned for us and I thought it was just a date so believe me when I say I was caught off guard. We picked up some Olive Garden and wine and ended up at the Mississippi River. We enjoyed dinner, a lovely view, and deep talks. He then said he wanted to show me something he bought. It was a brand new camera and he asked me to look through the pictures on the camera. I then saw pictures of a jewelry bag, a receipt, and a picture of the last blank page from a personal photo book I made for him for valentines day (hinting that what was about to happen would fill up that page as the next chapter in our lives). I was still somewhat confused and this is when he started his whole speech and popped the question! 

Where is your favorite place to go together?

We don’t think we’ve done enough traveling to have a favorite place together yet. If anything it would just be a food spot for now like this place called Cali Tacos. 

What is your most valuable advice you can share with future couples planning their engagement session?

To be as prepared as possible, really think about what kinds of things bring the two of you together so that you can incorporate into your photos, and just live in the moment during the session. While you’re taking pictures just be yourselves and love on each other as much as possible!

What is your favorite thing about being engaged?

Nayeli: My favorite thing about being engaged is the increased connection/bond I feel with Kaci. We have been through a lot over years, with our long-distance relationship being a huge factor. These challenges have only made us stronger and we believe it has been the true test to the strength of our relationship. 

Kaci: My favorite thing is knowing that we will exchange last names with each other to become one.

If you were stranded on a desert island, what 3 items would you bring with you?

Music, food, and blankets.

What would you tell other couples engaged during this season (Covid)?

We would just say to make the best of it. Whether that means waiting to plan some things because you would prefer to have a big wedding w/o having to wear masks or making arrangements to have a smaller, more intimate wedding with a few loved ones. Things are currently very challenging during this season but try to focus on your engagement and each other. Its the one good thing that can outshine everything!

Nayeli, what do you love about Kaci?

What I love about Kaci is his humor, there is no one is the world that can make me smile/laugh the way he does. I also love his determination to reach his goals in life.

Kaci, what do you love about Nayeli?

I love her eyes and caring/motherly nature.

Congratulations Kaci & Nayeli!!




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