Tim + Kim | Fun and Flirty Sunrise Engagement Session at the Griffith Observatory | Los Angeles, CA

Two sunrise session blog posts in a row?! Yes, that’s right!
I ordered a film camera from Japan a few weeks ago and had to of course – test it out ASAP (oh those pesky international return periods). I asked the SBSN Facebook community for help and Tim and Kim came to the rescue. These two reached out within 2 hours and 48 hours later, we met for our fun and flirty sunrise session at the Griffith Observatory. I couldn’t be happier to have met these two, they are so kindhearted and loving. I’m truly lucky to have documented this special time in their lives – and I’m especially happy I got to test out the new addition to my photo family – my Pentax645nii. 🤗
Thanks x a million for your kindness, and for meeting me so early, Tim & Kim! & CONGRATS on your engagement!!
See and read their story below!

How did you meet?

Tim and I met each other in high school and became close friends when we realized that we were headed to the same college, UCSD. Once we got to college, we became super good friends and hung out all the time playing board games, grabbing boba, and going out to eat. Over time, we developed feelings for each other and the spring quarter before we graduated was when we confessed our feelings with one another! After we graduated, we proceeded to do long distance for 2 years as I moved up to the Bay Area for work. However, we would always try to visit each other and plan trips together to make the most of the distance.

What’s your proposal story?

Tim proposed around the same area that he asked me to be his GF. He set up a sunset proposal with flowers, candles, and all our friends. I knew the proposal was coming but the moment I stepped out of the car, I couldn’t stop crying tears of happiness. I was so touched to see how beautiful the setup for the proposal was and seeing all my close friends there, made it so much better.


What you love most about each other?

Tim’s Answer: Seeing you smile, whether it’s from scoring a great deal or getting a good cup of boba or watching me make a fool of myself.
Kim’s Answer: I love Tim’s kindness and willingness to always be down for an adventure! He always wants the best for everyone around him and I love that quality in him. Most importantly, I love how safe he makes me feel. With Tim, I never feel alone as I know that he’s always there with me.

What you are most looking forward to for your wedding day?

Tim’s Answer: Getting see you(Kim) in your dress for the first time, and knowing I get to spend the  rest of my life with you.

Kim’s Answer: I can’t wait for our first look together because he can finally see me in my wedding dress! It’s been so hard keeping my dress a secret from him because I tell him EVERYTHING. And I am super excited to get married to Tim 🙂 I know we’re going to be together forever and can’t wait to make it official!



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